Opal Ltd. Happy Kids - Turkey

Martedì 20 settembre 2022

Opal Ltd. is an educational, innovative, organizational and management consultancy company operating in the labour market.

European Social Development Academy (Esda) is a trade mark of Opal Ltd. with the vision of making positive contributions to organisations in Lifelong Learning concept.

Its primary areas of expertise includes:

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Improvement
  • Talent Management
  • Management Seminars
  • Professional Speaking
  • Working Experince
  • Project Management

Opal Ltd. is a private company with main field of activity concentrated on education and training, human resource development and lifelong learning initiatives. Its main aim is to participate the development of a society without barriers. In this respect, It supports activities targeting participation for all. Its  trainings and conferences mainly concern on socially excluded groups' education and integratinon to society.

Opal also has a purpose to stimulate young people to develop their knowledge and discover and train their social skills and competencies which will save them from social exclusion. It organizes training courses.

The company has highly qualified team of trainers, teachers and experts. Happy Kids is an institution which has been working since 1992. It submits the trainings for kids, youngsters, adults, parents, training institutions, professionals and trainers for making them more self-confident, happy and successful individuals with our slogan “For all children from the age of three to hundred and three” .