Svep - Service Centre for Voluntary Piacenza

Martedì 20 settembre 2022

The Center for Volunteer Service of Piacenza is one of 9 centers activated in the region. These centers, as projected by L.266/91 and LR 12/05, have been established by the Regional Management Committee with funds made available by the Foundation of Savings Banks in Emilia Romagna.

Svep is an association of voluntary organizations in the territory of Piacenza established in 1996 to manage a Center for Volunteer Service (Csv) and contribute to the growth of the political dimension of organizational size and capacity to deliver services on the part of local volunteers.

Since its establishment, Svep was marked by a strong tension in the synthesis of the various cultures and souls in the world of volunteering, particularly among the religious and the secular. It is inspired in his work to the Charter of Volunteering, in particular to the values:

  • the centrality of the person;
  • compliance with the identity generational ethnic, cultural and religious organizations and individuals;
  • sharing and taking care of problems;
  • participation for style and method.

Believe in the centrality of volunteering in a subsidiary role, and not a substitute for public action. The Csv offers free services to voluntary organizations, registered or not registered in the Register of the Regional or Provincial Volunteer.

It also offers information on volunteering to citizens and institutions. In particular:

  • prepares instruments and initiatives for the growth of a culture of solidarity, the promotion of new voluntary initiatives and the strengthening of existing ones;
  • offers advice and expert assistance, tools for the design, start-up and implementation of specific activities;
  • provides training and qualification in respect of members of voluntary organizations;
  • provides information, news, documentation and data on volunteering local, national, European and international level;
  • contribute to the implementation of the projects promoted by voluntary organizations, providing benefits and services.