Volabo - Service Centre for Voluntary Bologna

Martedì 20 settembre 2022

Volabo is the Centre for Voluntary Service in the province of Bologna.

The Centers for Voluntary Service have been established by the Framework Law on Volunteering ( L.266/1991 ) with the aim to support and qualify Volunteerism and the culture of solidarity within the province through free services for Voluntary Organisations.

  • Support the Volunteer Bologna and its impact on the territory in response to citizenship, particularly with regard to the most vulnerable of society Contribute to the implementation of projects promoted by Voluntary Organisations and promote among them the participatory social planning and the work of the network, respecting the autonomy and originality of each actor.
  • Offer advice and assistance to qualified volunteer organizations in the planning, launch and implementation of their activities, either alone or networked with each other or with other institutions.
  • Enable training and qualification of volunteers and voluntary responding to the needs identified.
  • Facilitate the circulation of information, news , documentation and data on the activities of local voluntary , national, EU and international level To encourage and support the role and civic engagement of Voluntary Organizations regarding the social policies of the specific areas.